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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation insurance is available to persons who are injured on the job and are unable to perform their job due to their injuries. Michigan Workers’ Compensation Law is complicated and there are many pitfalls which claimants can fall into. If you have a Workers’ Compensation claim please contact our office and one of our attorneys will review your claim with you. If your Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier is disputing benefits, you can request a hearing with a Workers’ Compensation Magistrate to determine whether or not you are eligible for benefits. The insurance company does not get the last work as to whether or not you are entitled to work loss benefits, medical benefits, and rehabilitation benefits. Michigan Workers’ Compensation Law has changed significantly over the past several years. There are more responsibilities and duties placed upon the employee in these claims. Our Workers’ Compensation attorney has over 20 years of experience and has handled hundreds of Workers’ Compensation claims. If you are having any issues with a Workers’ Compensation claim or have questions, please contact our office for a consultation with our attorneys.