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Business Law

You may have heard that there are websites where you can download the paperwork to form your case without the help of an attorney. While we won’t necessarily impugn the reputation of these sites, it is a good idea to have a lawyer review your business law needs. In this section you will find all of the business law areas where we can assist you:

Formation of Corporations

Forming a corporation can the first step to starting a business venture. Setting up a business correctly is important for protecting your personal assets from the activities of your business. The Corporate form is the oldest type of entity you choose to operate a business. Let The Hammond Law Firm PLLC guide you through this process and make sure documents are prepared and filed properly with the State of Michigan.

Formation of Limited Liability Company

Also known as an LLC, Limited Liability Companies have been around for quite some time. This entity also protects individuals from the activities of their business if formed and utilized properly. The Hammond Law Firm PLLC will not only form the company correctly from the start, but give the information required to observe the companies’ formalities to protect your personal assets from business litigation.

Preparing the documents and filing them with the State is something anyone can do. Providing the insight and counseling on how to properly follow the guidelines set out to keep the protection afforded by these entities is the hard part. The Hammond Law Firm PLLC will take the time to explain these formalities and counsel you on how best to protect your families’ assets from any business related litigation.

Contract Preparation, Review, or Negotiation

With over 35 combined years of practice, the attorneys at The Hammond Law Firm PLLC are positioned to draw upon their experience to review and negotiate the best possible outcome when representing you – the client and any contract matter.


The Hammond Law Firm PLLC has several large companies in the Oakland, Wayne and Livingston County area that we have successfully represented in many matters ranging from simple collection cases to complex corporate litigation.

Transactional Work

If you want to sell your business, or just need your corporate documents updated, The Hammond Law Firm PLLC has the attorney you need to complete these tasks. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and your business.

If you have business law issues that concern you, please allow The Hammond Law Firm PLLC to assist you. With our attorneys’ high ratings, we assure you that we offer the comprehensive, affordable and trustworthy legal representation you require.