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Q1. How Long Will It Take Me to Get a Divorce

For couples without minor children, Michigan requires a 60-day waiting period from the date the divorce complaint is filed to when the divorce can be finalized. For couples with minor children, the waiting period is typically six months. However, this period can be shortened if the judge believes it is in the best interest of […]

Q2. Starting the Process of Divorce.

There will be an initial appointment with an attorney. Client will complete an information packet. Once the completed packet is received by the attorney, a summons and complaint will be filed with the local circuit court. The summons and complaint will then have to be served upon the spouse or the spouse shall accept service […]

Q4. Custody of the children in a divorce.

During a divorce case, it is normal to hear child custody battle stories with each parent wanting to take custody of the children i.e. father custody battles where the custody battle dad will want to have custody of the children or mothers custody battles where the mother wants to have custody of the children. Parents […]

Q5. What Is Uncontested Divorce?

This is a divorce where the spouses arrive at a divorce agreement and terms at the beginning of their case. In this case, you will need a divorce attorney to help you during the process. If the spouse decides to contest the divorce, it is referred to as a contested divorce that might require litigation.

Q7. How Will My Child’s Support Be Determined?

During a divorce case, winning child custody battles is very important. However, both of the parents will be responsible for supporting their children. The amount each pays will be dependent on the time the spouse spends on overnight stays with the children and his or her income.