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Call Dave: 517-552-9577

Q 1. What Are Bankruptcy Laws?

These are a set of federal laws created by the US Congress, which will give you a chance to cancel or reduce your debts, and thus, a chance to start all over again. These bankruptcy laws run all the way from chapter 7 to chapter 13. However, the commonly used forms are bankruptcy chapter 7 […]

Q 2. Why Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy will help you in getting your debts erased if you are discharged. In addition to that, you might receive some adjustments to your payments such as lower interest rates, more time to reorganize yourself as well as cancel some of your debts. This is however dependent on the specific chapter you filed […]

Q 5. Start to finish, how long does the bankruptcy process take?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy takes approximately 3-4 months. The first step is the initial consultation where we meet with you for about an hour to discuss your situation. Unless there is a specific cause for delay, we will try to get you into your filing/signing appointment within two weeks. Once a case is filed you will […]

Q6. What should I expect at my initial consultation?

The initial consultation is our chance to diagnose your financial situation and advise you on how to proceed. Assuming we decide a bankruptcy is in your best interest, we will discuss fees and provide you with a list of documents that we will want you to bring to your signing/filing appointment. The appointment usually lasts […]

Q7. What should I expect at my signing/filing appointment?

At the signing appointment you will provide us with the documents that were requested at the initial consultation as well as the agreed upon down payment to get your case filed. We will scan your documents into your electronic file while preparing and reviewing your bankruptcy petition with you. Once the petition is complete, we […]

Q8. What types of documents will I have to provide?

In almost every case, we need your last two years of taxes (if required to file), proof of income, bank statements and vehicle titles. If you own real estate we may need your Recorded Deed, Recorded Mortgage, Mortgage Statement and Property Tax Bill. We also need you to provide us with any bills that are […]

Q9. Do I have to go to court?

Yes, everyone who files for bankruptcy must attend at least 1 hearing which is called the 341 Meeting of Creditors. This gives your bankruptcy trustee as well as your creditors a chance to ask you questions about your financial affairs. We attend that hearing with you and guide you in assuring the hearing runs smoothly.